Beyond The Books #1: Talking TV

Beyond the Books is a new feature here on Pages and Tea where I take the occasional opportunity to talk about anything and everything non-book related I’ve been enjoying lately. TV shows, movies, music – anything may turn up in these posts!

Welcome to my very first Beyond the Books post. This time around it’s all about the tv shows I’ve been watching when I haven’t been reading.

And Then There Were None

I was excited when I saw this book had been made into a series and was going to be on tv over Christmas. I’ve never read any Agatha Christie and decided I should give her stories a try. I asked for recommendations and this book seemed a popular choice, so I added it to my TBR, and inevitably I never actually got around to reading it.
Then came this series.
And I was actually glad that I hadn’t read the book first, because it probably made for a totally different viewing experience than if I’d known how it was all going to turn out in the end.
As it was I was totally gripped, trying to seek out clues, or guess who the killer was and what was going on.
It was very atmospheric, eerie and even creepy as the body count went up. I kept thinking ‘is anyone going to get out of this alive?’, and ‘surely there’s going to be SOME chance of rescue, some hope that someone will survive’, and also ‘okay, I STILL have no clue who set all this up and who’s behind it’.
As the tension mounted those long distance shots of that little island and that terribly isolated house were enough to make you shudder, bringing home just how hopeless the situation was for those trapped on Solider Island at the whim of some unknown killer.
The paranoia and fear amongst the group added to the tension as they viewed each other with suspicion and aimed to form alliances against other members of the rapidly depleting group.
And what a twist! I had NO idea, none at all.
As yet I still haven’t read the book, but it remains on my TBR because even knowing how it all ends up, I would love to read the original novel on which this series was based, and I think it would be a great introduction to new-to-me author Agatha Christie.

Wayward Pines

I’ve only watched two episodes so far and already I’m hooked! I have very little idea what is going on at the moment, but the mystery and the unknown is what makes this show so watchable. All the guessing and second-guessing about what’s going on is great. I thought of going online to read a little, but that’s a sure-fire way to head straight for the spoilers so I’ve decided not to.
Secret Service agent Ethan Burke has gone in search of two missing agents and after an accident he wakes up in Wayward Pines, a seemingly idyllic location. Things are obviously not as they first appear though; Ethan’s calls to his family do not get through, his phone and wallet have vanished, and Wayward Pines seems impossible to leave. There’s a really sinister air that something is not quite right and I can’t wait to see where this story goes!
There’s a series of books on which this series is based, and I might check them out sometime, but for now I’m sticking with the mystery of the onscreen version because not knowing what’s going to happen makes for really exciting viewing.

War and Peace

The new adaptation of War and Peace is visually stunning. What gorgeous backdrops/locations/costumes. Everything about it looks so lavish. I’ve watched two episodes so far and the story is really starting to develop. I already have my favourite characters, and ideas about how I hope it all turns out. I’m enjoying it so much it almost makes me want to tackle the book… almost. That’s one weighty tome, so we shall see.

The Flash Season 1

I love this superhero series. The Flash is bright and colourful, with an array of villains with a variety of superpowers. Each episode sees the introduction of a new villain and there’s a great ongoing story as Barry Allen seeks to find the identity of the mysterious man in yellow who he believes is responsible for the murder of his mother years ago, a crime for which his father is currently in prison.
There’s some overlap with the tv series Arrow as some of the characters from that show make guest appearances in this one. I’d already watched two seasons of Arrow, so could remember most of their stories, but I think in later episodes the timelines went further than the latest Arrow season I’d seen. That hasn’t really mattered too much, but there may be minor spoilers, if that type of thing bothers you. I wouldn’t let it stop you watching The Flash though as it’s a really enjoyable series.

That concludes my very first Beyond The Books post. Have you seen any of the shows I’ve mentioned here, or do you have another current favourite that might be worth a watch?