Monthly Summary: January 2023

Welcome to another Monthly Summary on Pages and Tea.

FellowshipofRingThe new year of reading has had a very slow start for me and I’ve only managed to complete one book. Looking at my Goodreads target I’m very glad I set it at such a low total. I really hope I’ll be able to read more as there are so many books that I would love to be reading ‘right now’ even though I’m trying to stick to one book at a time at the moment, otherwise I’ll feel like my progress is even slower (if such a thing is possible!).

The Fellowship of the Ring was my choice for first book of the year. I want to read more Fantasy this year, so this trilogy seems like a good starting point. I can’t believe I haven’t read it before now actually. I ended up enjoying it very much after a leisurely beginning that made me wonder whether I’d actually carry on reading. It wasn’t that I was tempted to DNF, just that I was wondering whether to have two reads going concurrently, which as I’ve said, I’m trying to avoid. In the end I stuck with the Fellowship and I am looking forward to resuming the tale of Frodo and his companions soon.

My Beat the Backlist challenge has begun, as the one book I did read counts towards the challenge and I managed to find a category for it on my bingo card.
I’ve also found a spot on the Picture Prompts Book Bingo card for it too, so am pleased to have made at least a little progress on my challenges.

Away from the books I completed my first book tag of the year, the Good Intentions tag created by Lynn, in which I looked at books read and books yet to read (and there are many). I did this tag for the first time last year, so it was nice to revisit it again and choose some new books.

I’ve also participated in a couple of Top Ten Tuesdays, looking back at favourite reads of 2002, and new-to-me authors discovered last year.

Here’s a round up of January on Pages and Tea…

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Reading Resolutions 2023

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Summary: January 2023

    • pagesandtea says:

      I read The Hobbit a while ago, probably when the film versions came out, but I wouldn’t mind a reread once I’ve done with this trilogy.
      So far I’m still resisting having more than one book but not sure how long it will last 😀

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