Monthly Summary: November 2022

Welcome to another Monthly Summary on Pages and Tea.

November has been a good reading month, even though there were only two books involved…

SomethingWickedSomething Wicked This Way Comes has been on my TBR list for such a long time that I decided this year I’d finally pick it up, and I’m really glad I finally did. There’s much more to the arrival of Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show than simple everyday carnival diversions, as Will and Jim quickly realise. Pitting two young boys against a massive amount of evil all disguised within a seemingly innocent carnival made for exciting reading, and I liked the character of Will’s father, town librarian, considers himself pretty average and getting older, yet he comes to the fore, believing that there’s something evil come to town and deciding to take it on with his young son.

My second book this month was What Moves the Dead, a retelling of The Fall of the House of Usher,WhatMovestheDead and I loved it. It’s Gothic, horror, mystery, all the things that call out to me at this time of year in my reading. There’s a great setting in a decaying old mansion, an unsettling mystery as the Usher siblings both seem to be succumbing to some mysterious illness, and a lovely cast of characters who have to work together to try and save the Ushers and ultimately themselves from whatever is lurking within the walls of the House of Usher.

The End of the Year Book Tag made another appearance on the blog as well.

Here’s what happened on Pages and Tea during November…

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