Book Review: Murder by the Seaside by Cecily Gayford

Name:  Murder by the Seaside
Cecily Gayford (Editor)
Number of Pages: 
223 (Kindle)
May 12th 2022 by Profile books
Genre: Mystery, Crime


It’s the height of summer. As the heat shimmers on the streets and ice cream melts onto sticky fingers, tempers begin to rise and old grudges surface. From Cornish beaches to the French Riviera, it’s not just a holiday that’s on people’s minds … it’s murder.
In these ten classic stories from writers such as Dorothy L. Sayers, Cyril Hare and Margery Allingham, you’ll find mayhem and mysteries aplenty. So grab the suncream and head down to the beach – if you dare.

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My Thoughts:

Murder by the Seaside is a collection of short stories edited by Cecily Gayford. The stories included are:

The Boscombe Valley Mystery – Arthur Conan Doyle
Weight and See – Cyril Hare
Error at Daybreak – John Dickson Carr (Carter Dickson)
The Absence of Mr Glass – G. K. Chesterton
Razor Edge – Anthony Berkeley
The Furies – Michael Innes
Daisy Bell – Gladys Mitchell
A Mystery of the Sand-hills – R. Austin Freeman
Superintendent Wilson’s Holiday – G. D. H. & M. Cole
Man Overboard – Edmund Crispin

As you can probably guess, all the stories have some link to a seaside/coastal setting, and each has some sort of crime at it’s centre just waiting for the right kind of detective to come along and make sense of it all. Be it life and death, or some kind of deception for as-yet unknown reasons, there’s a variety here to keep you entertained and guessing throughout.

This collection introduced me to authors I’ve never read before, and threw in some old familiars too, such as Arthur Conan Doyle, which reminds me that it’s a very long time since I read a Sherlock Holmes story.

Each story was quite different. There were many twists and turns throughout, and even by the end I was no closer to working out whodunnit in most cases.

I usually choose really long books, so it was something of a novelty to be able to pick this up and read a whole story in one sitting. It was quite refreshing and I enjoyed that, and also experiencing so many new-to-me authors. I’ve been reading a lot of Agatha Christie lately so it was nice to have a variety of takes on a similar theme from different authors. That said, I am looking forward to getting back to another Poirot book.

Murder by the Seaside is an entertaining collection for a warm afternoon when you want a bit of a mystery to read in one sitting.


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Murder by the Seaside by Cecily Gayford

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    I never really thought of it before, because I’m usually totally averse to novellas and short story collections, but perhaps I should try them on a holiday or short break where the length might feel easier to get along with. This sounds entertaining.
    Lynn 😀


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