Book Review: Wayward (Wayward Pines #2) by Blake Crouch

Name: Wayward (Wayward Pines #2)
Blake Crouch
Number of Pages:
311 (ebook)
September 17th 2013 by Thomas & Mercer
Genre:  Thriller, Mystery


Welcome to Wayward Pines, population 461. Nestled amid picture-perfect mountains, the idyllic town is a modern-day Eden…except for the electrified fence and razor wire, snipers scoping everything 24/7, and the relentless surveillance tracking each word and gesture.
None of the residents know how they got here. They are told where to work, how to live, and who to marry. Some believe they are dead. Others think they’re trapped in an unfathomable experiment. Everyone secretly dreams of leaving, but those who dare face a terrifying surprise.
Ethan Burke has seen the world beyond. He’s sheriff, and one of the few who knows the truth—Wayward Pines isn’t just a town. And what lies on the other side of the fence is a nightmare beyond anyone’s imagining.

My Rating:

My Thoughts:

Wayward is the second book in the Wayward Pines trilogy and as such it’s really hard to talk about this next episode without spoilers for the first book. If you just happened upon this post haven’t read Pines I probably wouldn’t read any further, just in case. I don’t want to ruin the surprises from the first book.

I had so many questions upon finishing Pines. So, this is the truth, this is what Wayward Pines is hiding, but what next? If that really is it, then what for the people of Pines, those there and those still to come? What happens if the secret is known, and how do the people deal with that? I was fascinated to find out what lay in store for Ethan, now serving as sheriff and apparent agent for Pilcher.
The observed becomes the observer, but only in part, because all of the revelations so far do not sit at all well with Ethan. Knowing what’s going on, the lengths of surveillance and control those at the top have, and having go back into town and live a life pretending that he doesn’t, and that all is well, puts Ethan in a unique position.

It was interesting to watch further events in Wayward Pines unfold. The unnerving atmosphere and sense of dead pervades as newly introduced residents try to come to terms with their new home, which evokes every response including trying to escape.
There’s an ominous air as Pilcher and his team strive to keep control and various residents have their own secrets and plans, yet there are also moments of hope and nostalgia in this grim and unsettling reality. A murder investigation takes up Ethan’s time and throws him into the path of a face from his past, all while he tries to keep himself and his family safe from dangers on both sides of the fence.

The threat from outside remains as fierce as ever, as witnessed by new character Tobias.
Threats, secrecy, general unease from all sides and ever increasing suspicion drives Wayward on to an ending that saw me reach for the concluding volume of the trilogy right away. Can’t say more for now, I have to know how all this is going to turn out in the end.
What an intense, exciting and frightening ride it’s turning into. I can’t remember the last time I read books at this rate. Onward to The Last Town.


10 thoughts on “Book Review: Wayward (Wayward Pines #2) by Blake Crouch

    • pagesandtea says:

      Just finished No3 recently. It was a really good trilogy, always plenty going on, good twists. It didn’t take me very long to read all three as I couldn’t put them down. Will have to read more Blake Crouch I think 🙂


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