Monthly Summary: April 2020

Welcome to another Monthly Summary on Pages and Tea.

My reading has really slowed down recently. I only managed to finish one book over the course of this month, A Different Kind of Evil by Andrew Wilson. This is the second book in the Agatha Christie series, and takes elements of fact then weaves a murder mystery narrative around them. I’ve enjoyed both books I’ve read in this series so far.

I also took the plunge with my first audio book, something I’ve been saying I would like to try for a while. I picked The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, read by Jim Dale. I read this book a long time ago and it’s one I’ve said before I’d like to revisit so this seemed like a good opportunity. I’ve attempted audio books before and not had much success, I don’t seem to absorb the details in the way I do reading words from the page, if that makes sense, so I decided I’d go for a story I already had some experience of and so far I’m enjoying listening. It’s an ongoing project at the moment, so I can’t really comment too much about whether I’ll be getting more into audio in the future.

My other read of the month is also ongoing… Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. I actually have the e-book version of this so I had no idea when I started just how long it is! It’s massive, and should keep me occupied for quite a while given that my reading pace has slowed so much at the moment. I love it so far – the setting, the characters, the humour. I’ve managed to mostly avoid spoilers but I would imagine there’s some heartbreak ahead as well. It’s a book I definitely don’t want to rush.

I managed to catch up on a couple of reviews for books I read last month, including the excellent Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J. D. Barker. I’m still thinking about how good this book was, and the urge to read Dracula again still hasn’t entirely left, even though I have so many other books to read as well.

Here’s what happened in April on Pages and Tea…

Book Reviews


Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J. D. Barker

The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg

A Different Kind of Evil (Agatha Christie #2) by Andrew Wilson

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Summary: April 2020

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    That’s a good plan, listening to a book you’ve already read. I find a couple of things with audio (being a relative newbie as well). Firstly I think it helps to adjust the reading speed, we all read in our heads at different speeds so I usually set mine at about 1.5 otherwise it feels really drawn out. I’m not enamoured of picking up audio mid series, I think because when I’ve already started it’s like I imagine the characters and the voices and then the audio feels wrong. I also find it’s really good for books that I would otherwise struggle with pronunciation of names and places and helps the read a lot in that respect. But you’re right, it takes a while to get used to because it’s a different way of absorbing the detail. I can only really listen when I’m doing certain chores that require little thought.
    Lynn 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • pagesandtea says:

      Thanks for the tips 🙂 I’ve gone to 1.25 on the speed so far and that seems okay. I tried a bit faster and started to get lost again but I think it’s something I’m getting used to and I’ll probably try 1.5 again soon.
      You’re definitely right about it being a good idea for books where there may be pronunciation issues. This is why I’ve hesitated in the past with some fantasy books and I”m probably missing out. If I get on alright with this one I’ll have to try something that I’ve never read before and see how that goes.


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