Monthly Summary: February 2020

Welcome to another Monthly Summary on Pages and Tea.

I’ve had a really good month of reading, and have enjoyed yet more 5 star reads which has been wonderful.

I read Highfire by Eoin Colfer, which is the first time I’ve read anything by this author.
From there I read the concluding volume of the Winnowing Flame trilogy by Jen Williams. What a read! It was one of those books where I didn’t want to keep going because I knew it would be the final time I’d be experiencing adventures with characters I’ve followed for three long books, but at the same time I couldn’t put the book down because there was so much going on and so much peril for these great heroes and their war-beasts.
After the epic saga of the Winnowing Flame I moved on to another new-to-me author and read The Other People by C. J. Tudor. This was a thriller with a slightly supernatural/fantastical element and it was another engrossing read.
I also finally made a foray into the Discworld. After much deliberation I decided I’d start at the beginning and went adventuring with Rincewind and Twoflower, the wizard and the tourist.

A varied and exciting month of reading but the end of the month has flown in so quickly that I haven‘t had chance to post my reviews for many of the books I‘ve been enjoying. In fact, the only reviews I did manage to post included one of last month’s excellent reads, Stoker’s Wilde, and The Poison Song.

I think this month may be a new record for the number of Top Ten Tuesday entries I wrote covering all manner of topics including books I hope will be 5 star reads, some gorgeous cover art, and some great reads that left me feeling rather book-hungover.

Here’s a summary of February on Pages and Tea…

Book Reviews


Stoker’s Wilde by Steven Hopstaken and Melissa Prusi

The Poison Song (The Winnowing Flame #3) by Jen Williams

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