Monthly Summary: October 2019

Welcome to another Monthly Summary on Pages and Tea.

It’s been a great month of reading, but for some reason I seem to be reading very slowly.
My first read of October was The Institute by Stephen King. I always look forward to a new King novel, and this tale of a group of unique children kidnapped and housed at the mysterious Institute was totally engrossing.

Fantasy featured in my reading this month with A Little Hatred by Joe Abercrombie.  So good! I haven’t read any of the First Law books but I was totally taken by the cover for this new book, and finding it was the beginning of a new series, well, I couldn’t resist. For the most part I didn’t mind it being my introduction to this world, but there were times when past characters/events were mentioned and I found myself wondering whether these things had happened on-page or were just passing references. Still, I can always go back and start at the beginning, can’t I?

I finished two books this month (like I said, I’ve been reading so slowly!), which brings me to my ongoing read…

I finally picked up a Shirley Jackson novel, which is a first for me. I chose The Haunting of Hill House, having watched the recent tv series and wanting to discover the original tale. They’re very different, and the book is very atmospheric and tense.

I love autumn, and it’s arrival was the perfect excuse to revisit The Finally Fall Book Tag.
Reader’s Imbibing Peril also continued for the duration of October, and that’s been enjoyable – I ended up watching more perilous fare than reading it, but everything counts in this event.
Here’s what happened on Pages and Tea…

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