Book Review: Someone Like Me by M. R. Carey

Name:  Someone Like Me
M. R. Carey
Number of Pages:
  500 (Hardback)
November 8th 2018 by Orbit
Genre:  Mystery, Thriller, Horror


Liz Kendall wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s a gentle woman devoted to bringing up her kids in the right way, no matter how hard times get.
But there’s another side to Liz—one which is dark and malicious. A version of her who will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme or violent.
And when this other side of her takes control, the consequences are devastating.
The only way Liz can save herself and her family is if she can find out where this new alter-ego has come from, and how she can stop it.

My Rating:

My Thoughts:

Aah, a new M. R. Carey novel. The blurb is so brief and gives so very little away that it’s difficult to know where to begin talking about why this book definitely warrants your reading time and attention.
With Carey’s novels you go in knowing so little that you have little idea what to expect and anything becomes possible. That’s certainly the case with Someone Like Me.
So, what can I say to persuade you, without telling you anything that will detract from your enjoyment?

Read this book for the incredibly real characters. The two leads, Fran and Liz are very different, so far removed from each other, or so you would think, yet there are various things that link them. They’ve both been hurt and abused, enduring enough trauma for a whole lifetime, but they are both surviving and trying to live their lives.
They are both surrounded by wonderfully supportive people who only want the best for them, yet the trauma of the past still touches their lives albeit in different ways.

Oh, and there’s Jinx, who is a fox, and may or may not be real. And she talks, but only to Fran, for she is Fran’s constant companion and guardian, and dons her armour and sword at the first sign of trouble. Sounds strange? Maybe a little, but I doubt it will be long before you’re calling Jinx a fave.

The story is surreal and strange, will make you guess and second guess, and then still be dumbfounded as the plot delivers another twist which leaves you having to read the next chapter immediately, because you just cannot wait to find out what happens next. 500 pages feel as though they fly by, especially towards the latter part of the book.
You’ll fear for your favourites, and hope beyond hope that the villains are vanquished, whilst never quite being sure which direction the tale will take next and how it will all end.

It’s hard to pin this book down – part thriller, part psychological, sometimes family drama, blended with elements of paranormal and a touch of horror. It defies any one genre, and is so good for it. Someone Like Me begins in violence, and ends in… well, you’ll just have to read it and find out! Can’t wait for M. R. Carey’s next tale.


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