Monthly Summary: February 2018

Welcome back to another Monthly Summary here on Pages and Tea.

This month’s reading has taken me to a world decimated by the Doom, a virus that has killed much of humanity whilst those who survive develop skills and powers they never had before.
Then I ventured into alternate Londons with Kell and Lila, and I was left with such a cliff-hanger that I’m very glad the next book in the series is already out there in the world.
And now I’m in Derry, because after watching the new IT movie I just couldn’t resist a re-read of the book, even though it’s over 1000 pages long and it probably going to keep me occupied well into next month! Being so immersed in this world of brave friends and murderous clowns, along with various computer/internet issues in the real world mean I haven’t updated the blog so much over the last month, but here’s a quick summary of what happened anyway…

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Year One by Nora Roberts

A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab

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