#HarryPotter20 – It’s Time for a Series Re-Read

It’s time to return to Hogwarts!

I’ve known for while that I want to re-read the Harry Potter books and now feels like the perfect time as it’s 20 years since the first book was published.
The stories feel so familiar that I find it hard to believe I’ve only actually read the series all the way through once, as the books were published.

I remember oh-so-well those midnight book launches, going along to grab the latest installment, waiting with all those other fans, some of whom turned up dressed for the occasion as Hogwarts students or other characters from the books.
It was a real experience, and amazing to think that a book could bring so many people together. Everyone would mill around, frequently checking their watches to see how much longer until midnight. I’ve not experienced anything like it since.
I remember so well going home with my new book then shutting myself away until I’d read it from beginning to end with almost no interruptions. Those were the days!

I was quite amazed when I found my copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and noticed the year of first publication was 26th June 1997.
Exactly 20 YEARS AGO!
Talk about time going fast. It doesn’t feel half so long since I read that book.
I guess the movies probably have something to do with this; I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the films over the years, and they must reinforce the story into your mind, because it certainly feels fresher than 20 years ago to me. It will be interesting to see how I respond to the books after so much time and reading has passed between my first read and now.

Rather than reviewing each book as I finish it I’ve decided to use my On Reading… feature to document my literary adventures with Harry Potter and Co. I feel that’s a better way to capture my thoughts with at least some coherence (or not) instead of trying to review such a well-known and much-cherished series.

I’ve written more here than I initially intended; this was going to be the start of my first On Reading… post, but as it’s ended up much longer than I planned I’ve decided to make this my introduction to my Harry Potter re-read.
The plan is simple – read a book then watch the film and possibly include some film-based thoughts in my posts as well. I have no idea how long all this will take, it will just be a leisurely and enjoyable re-reading experience.

Here’s to rediscovering the magical world of Hogwarts after so many years…


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