Booking Ahead: June 2017

Booking Ahead is a feature here on Pages and Tea where I glance through my never-ending TBR list/pile and select a few potential reads for the coming month. If I’m not reading books I love talking about books I’d like to read, so this post is a perfect excuse to do just that.

Welcome to Booking Ahead.
As always I’m picking a mix of new books and books from the TBR list as I’m doing Beat the Backlist. I actually managed to reach my original target of 8 books for this challenge during May, which I was really pleased about. I’ve now decided I’ll aim for 10 backlist books this year. With that in mind I’ve only got my eye on one new book this month (but how excited am I to finally have that books in my hands), and the other choices are from the endless TBR pile.

New Books

The Boy on the Bridge by M. R. Carey – This one is making a reappearance on my list this month as I only recently collected it from the library and so it will probably be the first book I read in June, because I’ve been looking forward to getting it for a while now.

Books from the Backlist

Feed by Mira Grant – Another zombie-themed story. Apparently that’s what I’m in the reading mood for at the moment. I also have Feedback by the same author on my TBR pile, so if I have the time hopefully I’ll get around to reading that as well.

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers – To conclude my picks for this month, a book set in space. I don’t read many books with a space theme, and it was between this one and The Martian by Andy Weir. I’ll eventually read both, but of now I’m going with this one.

No doubt some of these titles will be making another appearance on Booking Ahead as I doubt I’ll fit them all in this month, but they’re the books that have caught my eye at the moment.

What are you hoping to read this month? Have you read of my picks, and if so what did you think? See you again next month for another Booking Ahead.

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