Reading Resolutions Revisited: June 2016

Welcome back to another installment of my new Monthly Reading Resolutions updates. I decided I wouldn’t participate in many official challenges this year; instead I created some Reading Resolutions. This post is my attempt to keep track of how I’m getting on with reading and blogging.

It’s been such a slow reading month for me this month; I’ve only actually managed to finish one book! Still, I’ll write this entry to keep my (slow) progress up to date.

Books I’ve Read

Fellside by M. R. Carey

Total Library Books Read This Month: 1
Total Own Books Read This Month: 0
Overall Total Books Read This Month: 1

Total Library Books Read 2016: 14
Total Own Books Read 2016: 0
Overall Total Books Read 2016: 14

Flights of Fantasy

Although Fellside isn’t outright fantasy there was definitely some fantasy-like elements so I think I’ll count it towards my total this month, which now stand at 5 books.


I set myself a target of 25 books this year. So far I’ve read 14 books.

So concludes June’s Monthly Reading Resolutions update. Have you signed up for any challenges this year, or are you taking a more general approach to reading?
See you again next month!

6 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions Revisited: June 2016

  1. Annemieke says:

    I have various goals running of which one is of course how many books to read throughout the year. But also to get my phsycial tbr under 100 if possible. But I am failing on that front, haha.


    • pagesandtea says:

      How many books do you hope to read? I set my target quite low this year, I seem to be reading slowly these days. My TBR pile is massive too but at least we’ll never run out of books to read 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Annemieke says:

        Initially I had 120 but with the pregnancy I’m not going to make that so I moved it down to 90. Right now I’m ahead but we’ll see how it goes once the baby is here, haha. And yes, that is what I like to think when I have bought too many books again 😄

        Liked by 1 person

      • Annemieke says:

        Thank you. Right now I’m mostly sick of waiting, haha. 34 weeks and counting. I had quite a few years where I barely read 10 books a year so I’m happy I got back to this point for myself. But everyone has their own reading speed. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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