Booking Ahead: June 2016

Booking Ahead is a new feature here on Pages and Tea where I glance through my never-ending TBR list/pile and select a few potential reads for the coming month. If I’m not reading books I love talking about books I’d like to read, so this post is a perfect excuse to do just that.

It’s time for another search through my TBR pile to pick out my possible June reads.
Looking back at last month’s post, I read two out of the three books I’d chosen, and the third, well, that one is going straight to the top of this month’s list as I’m reading it at the moment.
The weather is finally starting to improve so hopefully at least some of my reading time in June will be spent outside in the garden.
I’m really excited about my picks for this month – a new-to-me author, a new book from a long-time favourite author, the start of a series and another book by the author of one of my new recent fave reads.

On to the books…

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – I’m taking Outlander into June with me, having started reading it at the end of last month. It’s such a long book I hope I won’t also be carrying it over into July at as well! Am really enjoying the read. Even though I watched season 1 of the tv show there’s still something special about reading the book, and I think I’ll carry on with the series, especially as I’ve found out that in later books the Frasers are in America during the Revolution and I’d quite like to read of their adventures over there too.

Fellside by M. R. Carey – You remember how much I loved The Girl With All The Gifts? Well, this is the author’s new book! Needless to say I’m quite excited to read this one. I admit I’ll be going in with high expectations because The Girl… was one of my faves of the year when I read it.

The Fireman by Joe Hill – How great does this story sound? A story of survival at the end of the world? Count me in. Also, I’ve read a lot of praise for Joe Hill but I’ve never read any of his stories, so I’m really looking forward to discovering a new author. And, I couldn’t mention Joe Hill without also discussing…

End of Watch by Stephen King – The next book in the Bill Hodges trilogy. I’ve been waiting for this one ever since I finished Finders Keepers. I HAVE to find out just what Brady Hartsfield is up to, because the way the last book concluded gave me (more) high hopes for the final installment. Apparently things might be about to get a little bit supernatural. Great stuff!

And, on that note, I think I’ve chosen myself more books there than I’ll probably have time to read in the space of one month, so some of them may make en encore appearance next time around. Let’s see how I get on…

Are there any books you really hope to read this month? Have you read any of my choices and if so which would you recommend?

7 thoughts on “Booking Ahead: June 2016

  1. Laura says:

    I actually just bought Outlander because I’d heard great things about it, so I’ll hopefully be reading that this month too. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!


    • pagesandtea says:

      I hope you get around to reading it as it’s really good. Have you seen the tv series too? I saw the first one before reading the book but can’t decide whether to just carry on and read the next book before I watch series 2 🙂


    • pagesandtea says:

      Someone recommended Nos4a2 to me a while ago as well, but when I saw The Fireman was out soon and read the summary I don’t think I can resist. I’ll probably pick up Nos4a2 later in the year if I enjoy The Fireman.


  2. Lisa says:

    Huge Outlander fan here, so I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying it! The series is so worth sticking with. I read The Fireman last month and loved it, and I hope to read Fellside this month too. I hope you enjoy all of these!


    • pagesandtea says:

      Outlander is SO GOOD! Even though I’d already seen series 1 of the tv show it hasn’t taken away any of the enjoyment of the book. I might even hold off watching series 2 until I’ve read Dragonfly in Amber, just so I have the book experience first.
      I can’t wait to get started on The Fireman, it sounds brilliant.

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