Reading Resolutions Revisited: March 2016

Welcome back to another instalment of my new Monthly Reading Resolutions updates. I decided I wouldn’t participate in many official challenges this year, apart from Flights of Fantasy, so instead I created some Reading Resolutions. This post is my attempt to keep track of how I’m getting on with reading and blogging.

Books I’ve Read

The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Total Library Books Read This Month: 2
Total Own Books Read This Month: 0
Overall Total Books Read This Month: 2

Total Library Books Read 2016: 6
Total Own Books Read 2016: 0
Overall Total Books Read 2016: 6


The Crimson Campaign by Brian McClellan

My new total for Flights of Fantasy now stands at 3 books read.


I set myself a target of 25 books for this year. I’ve currently read 6 books.


I finally got around to starting one of the new posts I’d hoped to write on the blog, Beyond the Books. I enjoyed writing about non-bookish things for a change, so it will probably become a once in a while feature here. Never fear, I’m still 99% bookish content.

I’ve also managed to maintain my goal of posting about a book almost as soon as I’ve finished reading it. I do still have a backlog of reviews, which I’ll definitely post sometime in the future.

As for my own books? Predictably they’re still languishing on the bookshelves completely untouched. I recently discovered the new library e-book system which is great, so the problem of neglecting my own books will probably continue. Shameful, isn’t it?!

Hopefully I’ll meet more of my goals as the year progresses.

So concludes March’s (!) Monthly Reading Resolutions update. Have you signed up for any challenges this year, or are you taking a more general approach to reading?
See you again next month!


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