Monthly Summary: January 2016

Welcome to the first Monthly Summary of 2016 here on Pages and Tea.

I’ve had a slow but great start to my reading year. I participated in Bout of Books, which I always enjoy because I like the combination of reading and regularly updating my progress on the blog. The chance to find new blogs and new future reads is always good too, so I’m already looking forward to the next Bout of Books. I was lucky in that I picked a book I started to enjoy straight away, Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan. It was so good I’ve already started the second book of the trilogy, despite saying I was going to try and read a few books from my TBR pile first!

So, here’s part else happened on the blog throughout January.

Book Reviews

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

Featured Posts

Top Ten Tuesday

Books I Hoped to Read in 2015
Recent Additions to my TBR

Other New Posts

2015 End of Year Survey

Reading Resolutions

Reading Resolutions Introduction
Reading Resolutions Revisited:  January Progress
Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge Sign Up/Progress

Read-A-Thon Updates

Bout of Books January 2016 Sign Up
Bout of Books January 2016 Progress
Bout of Books January 2016 Final Summary


Bout of Books Read-A-Thon – January 4th – January 11th


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