Reading Resolutions Revisited: January 2016

Welcome to my new Monthly Reading Resolutions update.
I haven’t signed up for many official challenges for 2016, instead choosing to make some general hopes and goals, which you can read in my Reading Resolutions post. This is my attempt to keep track of how I’m getting on with reading and blogging.

Books I’ve Read this month

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

Total Library Books Read: 1
Total Own Books Read: 0
Total Books Read: 1


Apart from Goodreads this is the only official challenge I’ve decided to participate in during 2016 because Fantasy is a fairly new discovery for me and there are so many authors and books I want to read. So far in 2016:

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan

My total for the challenge is currently 1 book read.


I set my total low this year, mainly because I want to take time between finishing one book and starting another to get my blog post together, which was one of my Resolutions, so I’m aiming for 25 books with the hope that I’ll be able to increase that total as the year goes on.

My current total is 1 book read.


I stuck to my idea of actually writing and putting my review up on the blog as soon as I’d finished reading the book, so that’s a good start.

I participated in Bout of Books and kept my blog updated each day with my progress.

Hopefully I’ll meet more of my goals as the year progresses.

So, there ends my first Monthly Reading Resolutions update. Have you signed up for any challenges this year, or are you taking a more general approach to reading?
See you again next month!


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