R.I.P X – Final Summary


And so concludes the R.I.P X Readathon, and I’ve really enjoyed taking part.
So, how did I do? I originally hoped to complete Peril the Second and Peril on the Screen…


I managed to complete two books, The Paradox and The Falcon Throne, and have posted both reviews to my blog, which you can read following the links below:

The Falcon Throne by Karen Miller

The Paradox by Charlie Fletcher


I also completed Peril on the Screen and did two updates about all the things I’ve been watching recently, which you can read below:

Peril on the Screen Update 1

Peril on the Screen Update 2

I had so many more books on my TBR pile for this readathon but for some reason my reading pace has been pretty slow. I hoped to read at least one Stephen King novel and never managed to get round to it.
I’ve had a great time with the books and shows that I did read or watch, and I’ll definitely take part in R.I.P again.

How about you? Did you participate in R.I.P X? IF so, did you read everything you hoped to? Let me know about the books and shows you enjoyed…

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