October 2015 Reading Challenge Progress

I’m back with another Reading Challenges update, not that there’s been much progress to report.
This is the first time it’s actually dawned on me just how little of the year is left and how far behind I am on some of my challenges, especially my Goodreads total (more on that below).  On some of my other challenges I’ve already reached and surpassed my original target so it all balances out I guess.  I can’t seem resist reading really long books, so perhaps I’ll have to set a lower target for next time.  Anyway, here’s the news for now…

As always each challenge title is linked to my challenge sign up post, in case anything catches your eye and you fancy joining in…


This month’s read counts towards this challenge, giving me a new total of 13 books read so far.

The Paradox by Charlie Fletcher


I’ve read another library book this month, so my new total is currently 24 books.

The Paradox by Charlie Fletcher


My total remains at 3 books.


My grand total for this challenge stands at 11 books.


I’ve currently completed 27 books out of the 40 that I aim to read this year.
Last time I logged in to goodreads and looked at my challenge progress there was a little reminder that I’m currently 5 books behind schedule. Oops! I don’t know what’s happened, but I do know there’s no way now that I’ll catch up in what remains of this reading year.
My reading progress at the moment is the slowest it’s been in I can’t remember how long. I think I need to lower my target or choose some shorter books!

So, that concludes another month’s Reading challenge progress. You can find the condensed version of all this information by checking out the Reading Challenges menu at the top of my blog, where each challenge and any progress updates are listed.  See you again next month and Happy Reading


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