Bout of Books 14 August 2015 – Final Summary

Bout of Books

That’s it! Bout of Books is over. I always feel a little bit sad when Bout of Books ends. I love the weekly routine of making daily progress updates and visiting new blogs.

I finished The Watchmaker of Filigree Street and have a feeling I’m at the start of a book hangover. It was a really great read, so I’m going to have to choose carefully for my next book or I can see it won’t hold my attention.

Number of pages I’ve read today: 50
Total number of pages I’ve read: 320

I didn’t really set a great amount of goals at the beginning of the readathon, but I did manage to complete one book, which is what I hoped for. There’s been so much going on lately I knew I wouldn’t manage more, and as it turned out I didn’t want to reach the end of that particular book too soon anyway.

I think maybe during the next Bout of Books I might try and join in more with the daily challenges as I’ve never really attempted any before and it would be something a bit different.

So, see you again next time around. Happy reading until then!

The Week’s Progress Revisited…

5 thoughts on “Bout of Books 14 August 2015 – Final Summary

  1. Leann says:

    So I have The Watchmaker of Filigree Street on my books I really want to buy right now list, and you are basically telling me I should buy it right away? That I will enjoy it immensely!?!


    • pagesandtea says:

      It’s the perfect book to buy I think. I borrowed mine from the library and a few people commented on how lovely the cover is and what good quality it is. The inside cover with the map on is also gorgeously detailed. The story was wonderful too. I was so sad to reach the end.


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