On Reading… Faefever by Karen Marie Moning


On Reading… is a feature I created to accompany my book reviews. So often reading is much more of an experience than is appropriate to be captured within a book review. That’s where this post comes in… All those snippets/spoilers/a-ha moments, all the anticipation of looking forward to a good read, and guessing at what lies in store, that’s what you will find in my On Reading… posts. It’s an observational/conversational/discussion type feature, so THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD. Please proceed with caution!

Again – what you read beyond this point you may consider spoiler-ish.  You can find my Faefever Review here.

Before I Started…

Here I go again, back to Fever land. I do love the fact that there are already so many books in this series out there, because it means I can jump straight into the next one as soon as I like, which is great because everything is still really fresh in my mind.
So, time to catch up with Mac, Barrons et al…

Whilst Reading…

p.13 – Wow, the first glimpse of the Book in action really didn’t disappoint. The Book is a whole adversary on it’s own, so I can’t wait to see how Mac is going to deal with what’s she learned about it.

p.35 – 40 – Wait, what?! Part of the Unseelie Hallow the Sifting Silvers is hidden Barrons Books? Not only that, but Barrons himself is apparently using this mirror to go to who knows where? And the woman he’s carrying, she’s dead? Oh Mac, what have you just witnessed, and what are you going to do about it?
I love the way the mystery surrounding Barrons just goes on and on. Just when you think you’re getting close to what he is, something else is thrown in which makes you think that you’re totally wrong and will never really know what he is or what his intentions are.

p.55 – I like the inclusion of the pages from Alina’s journal for a couple of reasons. First, it provides an insight into the character who died before this series really got going, and there’s also the mystery about where these pages are coming from and who is sending them.

p.68 – Christian MacKeltar looks set to become a key figure in the ongoing battle to keep the walls between the realms established. Can Mac trust him? At this point it’s really difficult to work out who truly does have good intentions, which keeps the book interesting.

p.76 – Hm, not sure I like Christian giving away so much about Barrons, but it is intriguing all the same. Just how old is Barrons? Ageless and timeless, apparently. Is he really inhuman? The build up to a (hopefully) great revelation regarding this character is really well done. I would love to see this character bought to life in a film version of the series. Just imagine…

p.83 – Ha! How can it be possible that V’Lane only appears to have all the more sex appeal when he’s toned himself down and dressed in jeans, boots and a biker jacket? V’Lane is another good reason why I would love to see this series on tv/film.

p.170 – SHOWDOWN between V’Lane and Barrons – YES!! This is just the kind of scene I’ve been hoping and waiting for. I love Barrons as Mac’s protector, and the way he shields her, and the extremes he’s driven to, even threatening to kill V’Lane if he comes near Mac. GREAT STUFF!! So, does this answer my eternal V’Lane/Barrons debate about which one I prefer more? Unfortunately, probably not. I still love both of them.

p.182 – More revelations from Alina’s journal, and it looks like things aren’t going to be as simple as just finding the Book. There’s more required. Of course! I wonder what the prophecy is, and who the five are? Can’t wait to find out!

p.197 – That’s a bit of a surprise, that not only was the Lord Master once Fae, he was also Seelie, one of the good guys, supposedly. What a vast change he underwent.

p.284 – Loving the inclusion of Fae history and lore, and the story of how the Unseelie came to be created. The tale of treachery and scheming is as old as time, it would seem. I really like the explanation about what the Book actually is, and that it’s part of the Unseelie king himself.

p.334 – No, no, no! Barrons Books and Baubles cannot be cast into darkness and swallowed up into an expanding Dark Zone. This just can’t be… And that’s not even the biggest of Mac’s problems. I can see we’re heading towards an amazing cliffhanger…


Well, that was suitably bleak. What a brilliant ending though!
Darkness really has descended and who knows what is going to happen next.
Is Barrons really a traitor? Was he himself tricked at sometime in the past and he didn’t truly know what was in the Orb? I don’t want Barrons to end up being a bad guy, I really don’t.
I loved Mac’s viewpoint, but I would have loved to see the sidhe-seers in battle too, and find out what Barrons and the MacKeltar clan were up to. Hopefully those things will be addressed in the next book, because for now there are still so many unanswered questions, and so many things to be resolved.


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