Trees of Reverie April 2015 Read-A-Thon: Final Summary

And so concludes another Read-A-Thon, and yet again it’s been a great experience, even though I’ve fallen short on most of my goals this time around. I’m quite pleased with what I did manage to read, but it ended up being a lot different than what I initially decided to read.  Maybe I should be less detailed with my goals next time?

So, how did I do with my reading goals?

I aimed to read for half an hour each day.  On most days I went WAY past this target, but there were also a couple of days where I didn’t have any opportunity to read at all.  For most of my other goals, I can’t say I did that well, mostly because I got so utterly engrossed in The Hawley Book of the Dead that I wanted to savour each and every page.  I couldn’t bring myself to put it down even for a moment, and every spare reading moment I had went into that book.  This meant I only managed to complete one book throughout the Read-A-Thon.
I regret a little not managing to give some attention to the other books on my TBR list during the event, but they’re still going to be my next go-to reads, so I’ll be reading them soon anyway.  On a positive note, I picked up Frog Music instead and am currently really enjoying it.

The books I’d planned to read were:

Paris for One by Jojo Moyes
Street Cat Bob by James Bowen
The Water Diviner by Andrew Anastasios and Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios
The Hawley Book of the Dead by Chrysler Szarlan

I read a total of 482 pages.

Read-A-Thon Challenges:

The struck through items are what I never managed to attempt or complete. For the others I’ve listed which book applies to which challenge.

Read a book by an author you haven’t read before – I’d never read anything by Chrysler Szarlan before.

Read outside – Sitting on the bench in the garden on a sunny Spring afternoon was wonderful, and I managed to do it more than once.  Those were great reading days.

Read a book with an upcoming movie adaptation

Read a book you’ve had lying around unfinished

Anything Else?

I would have loved to take part in some of the Daily Bookish Challenges but the lack of internet/computer access made this pretty difficult.  Hopefully I’ll be able to join in with more on the next Read-A-Thon.

I do love a good reading event.  I like the daily documenting of what I’ve been reading and how I’m enjoying it, because it’s something I wouldn’t normally do.  I will definitely join in with the next Trees of Reverie Read-A-Thon and hope you will too.

Here’s a recap of my Daily Progress Updates.

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