On Reading… Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning


On Reading… is a feature I created to accompany my book reviews. So often reading is much more of an experience than is appropriate to be captured within a book review. That’s where this post comes in… All those snippets/spoilers/a-ha moments, all the anticipation of looking forward to a good read, and guessing at what lies in store, that’s what you will find in my On Reading… posts. It’s an observational/conversational/discussion type feature, so THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD. Please proceed with caution!

Again – what you read beyond this point you may consider spoiler-ish.  You can find my Bloodfever Review here.

 Before I Started…

It’s SO good to be returning to the world of Barrons Books and Baubles and going on new adventures with Mac and Barrons. Anyone would read my On Reading… Darkfever will know how much I wanted to get on with the next book in the series having loved the first so much.
Without further ado, here I go…

Whilst Reading…

p.8 – Only a few pages into the book and already I have that feeling that I really do need to visit Barrons Books and Baubles, because it sounds like a little piece of heaven, even though all around Dublin trouble and strife appears to be unfolding.

p.24 – I  like that’s Mac’s retaining some of her past and her innocence as she ventures into who knows what kind of trouble. She is changing and adapting, but not beyond all recognition (so far at least!)

p.35 – V’LANE is here!! Okay, behave with the visuals, imagination of mine, and just TRY not to go overboard picturing the Fae prince. He’s such a trickster and probably one to be wary of, but I have a really strong mental image of his appearance.
“He was Pan, Bacchus, and Lucifer, painted a thousand shades of to-die-for.” – You put it perfectly, Mac.

p.44 – Hm, what new villainy is this lurking in the darkness?! This book really does deliver on the chills and the mystery factor.

p.70 – Mac describing her newfound love of bookselling and interacting with customers, giving and receiving book recommendations is just perfect, as is the description of the shop and her daily routine. I really wish I could go and work at Barrons Books (Yes, I know, I may have mentioned this before, once or twice!). The writing is so good, because I have a really clear picture in mind of what the bookshop is like.

And now Mac’s father has arrived – that was a bigger shock than some of the more horrific happenings in this book world. Doesn’t he know how dangerous it is?! Of course he doesn’t, yet…

p.82“…wonderful stories to escape into, full of mystery, mayhem, and romance.” That’s a perfect summary of this whole book I think.

p.86 – Derek O’Bannion? As in Rocky’s brother? The guy who Barrons left out in the darkness outside the book shop knowing the shades would come? And Derek wants to know where his brother is?! This is BAD.

p.115 – Barrons, could you BE any more mysterious?! Who are the contacts on Mac’s phone? IYCGM and IYD – important?

p.124 – Surely I’m not the only one who had a laugh out loud moment at the idea of a shade making rude gestures at Mac, apparently having learned them from the lady herself!?

p.146 – 165 – V’Lane, V’Lane, back again, and very nice to see you. Don’t stay away so long next time! I love V’Lane. I think throughout this whole series I’ll have this constant inner monologue going on. Barrons/V’Lane/V’Lane/Barrons.
“You know you prefer Barrons”
“Um, no, have you SEEN V’Lane, plus his ability to produce exotic beach trysts out of the blue and his sexy, evasive, tricky, ancient nature”
“But… what about Barrons?”
“Okay, I give up, can I have them both, please?”

p.168 – I don’t think Barrons has ever been this angry before. And Mac’s giving as good as she gets, but underneath it all I think Barrons is just afraid he’d lost her, and not just because he wants to use her skills to find Objects of Power. There’s more to all this. They’re bound together in some way, I think.

p.173 – I’m still intrigued as to who and what Barrons is and he seems to set himself as an adversary to V’Lane. I wonder then, if V’Lane is Seelie is Barrons something to do with Unseelie? Surely not, or Mac would know, unless he’s VERY good at disguise. Hm, we shall see…

p.201 – Rowena is as intriguing as Barrons and V’Lane. What is her game/intention? Is she to be trusted? I don’t think so, and am glad Mac stood up to her.

p.220 – Ah! This is intense. Solitary Mac against Rhino Boys, the Royal Hunter AND the realisation that the dark hooded spectre that’s been following her is actually something real that intends her harm. Go Mac!
You know, I think this would make an amazing tv series.

p.226 – 245 – Argh x 10!! Mallucé!! What a ghastly creature, and poor Mac! I know there are more books to come, so I guess she survives but right now I don’t see a way out of this for her. This is really tense stuff. Back to reading…

p.274 – No! Mac hasn’t lost her powers?! Please not that. What a trade off if that’s the case. I really hope this is going to work out okay and Mac will retain her powers.


I want more, and quickly. Who has the much sought-after Book? Who did Mac see and where were they going? What are Mac and Barrons going to do next? And will there be more of the romance/attraction thread for them? And, of course, what about V’Lane?
Great news!
The library have Faefever and I’ve already put a request on it, so shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next instalment. Can’t wait!


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