Thursday Thoughts – Where Do You Read?

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts is an original, weekly meme created on Ok, Let’s Read.  Each week a new, conversational topic is posted to encourage talking about a specific, book-related topic.

This weeks topic is Where Do You Read?

I am so glad this conversation topic came up, because I’m a read-anywhere-and-everywhere type of reader. I am the one you will see walking down the stairs blindly with my book held up in front of me, going cautiously because I can’t tear myself away from the page. I’m as happy reading wandering around the house as I am taking a comfortable seat, although this is preferable!
In my defence, I once saw a young man wandering casually through the main entrance of my university building holding his copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix aloft before his eyes, not looking where he was going and totally lost to the world, which really made me smile, and realise that I’m no the only person who does this.

I read sitting outside on my garden bench, listening to the birds, occasionally looking up towards a blue sky and the colours of the flowers that I’ve grown from seed.

I used to read on the train when I had a daily commute, which once led to the ticket collector enthusing about The Thorn Birds, which I was reading for about the 6th time. I remember it because the man was so enthusiastic, and seemed a real fan. Until that point, only other women had expressed any interest in that book.

I can dip in and out of books, reading only a couple of pages at a time, which people have remarked to me in the past they find pretty strange, in that they don’t know how I retain what I’ve read, reading in little portions like that. I don’t really have an adequate response, other than for some reason I just can. I do love to fully immerse myself in whichever fictional world I’m currently enjoying, but a quick few pages here and there works well for me too.

If I wake up early and have some time before I need to get up I’ll grab a few pages, and if I wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep I have a book on standby (usually something light and undemanding, as sometimes I don’t find I recall what I read during these hours as well as my usual reading). Strangely enough I don’t actually read before bed, possibly because there is the potential to become far too involved in my book and keep thinking to myself ‘just one more chapter’. We all know it’s rarely just one more chapter so I would become pretty sleep deprived if I started reading before I went to sleep at night.

As for my fantasy reading location, well…

My own personal library, wall to wall books, with a massive window, plenty of natural light, wooden floors and a thick rug, dark panelling on the walls, with a huge comfortable chair, near the window, looking out over a tree-lined lake, crystal clear. When the windows were open there would only be sounds of nature, and no intrusions of any kind, and I could read in perfect peace for as long as I wanted.

Also, a hammock strung between two palms trees on a white sandy beach with a vivid blue ocean, waves crashing to the shore, but, not being a natural sun-seeker, my reading area would be naturally shaded (this IS fantasy, right?).

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts – Where Do You Read?

    • pagesandtea says:

      Thank you 🙂 I really wish I could get into audiobooks, because I’m sure I’d read a lot more than I already do if I could, but for some reason I never feel as if I remember the story as well after listening to it instead of reading the words on the page. I might try another one though because I think the idea of them is brilliant.


  1. T says:

    I like this a lot. I also read everywhere, but I’m way to clumsy to try to walk and read at the same time. Here’s my response :)


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