Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Scotland, 1844. Aileana Kameron is a lady, and as such society expects certain things from her – to attend the assemblies, fill her dance card, and demurely charm potential suitors in order to make a good marriage match.
This is unfortunate, as Aileana is also the last of the Falconers – women with the ability to fight and kill the fae – and spends her evenings out with her fae mentor Kieran (who, for reasons unknown has honed Aileana’s hunting skills to perfection against his own kind) hunting the fae in the hope of finding the one who murdered her mother, so that she may have vengeance.

Trouble is coming – after an age-old battle the fae were imprisoned beneath the city, but the seal holding them captive is weakening and Aileana and Kiaran must try to stop this happening, or the city and everyone Aileana cares about will be destroyed.

I really enjoyed this fast paced adventure. I’ve never read a book featuring the fae before, and so loved the inclusion of all the different types of fae, some of which were more monstrous than I probably expected (my initial thought upon hearing ‘fae’ is the small, sweet winged creatures from fairytales.)
I liked Aileana as the central characters, and her motivations for her seemingly impossible task. Also… Kiaran. Yes, I liked Kiaran very much. Faestruck, anyone?
The supporting characters of Gavin, Aileana’s friend and also a Seer, and Derrick, the pixie who lives in Aileana’s room and has a penchant for honey and stealing things were also good.

The ending! I won’t give anything anyway, but I just can’t believe it was left that way. I was left thinking ‘No, you can’t end it like this, I need to know more, please’, so I really hope there will be a sequel to this book.

My rating: 4/5

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