Treesofreverie July Read-A-Thon: Questionnaire Part 1

1. Where will you be sharing your updates?

Mostly here.

2. It’s TBR pile time! What are you hoping to read? Why did you select these books to read?

I’m hoping to finish The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Next on my list are Looking For Alaska by John Green and Joyland by Stephen King. That’s all I’ve planned for now as I’m just over halfway through the Tower and it’s a really long book. Also, having been with those characters for the whole series, reading of their fates is petty hard at times, so I’m probably reading slower than I normally would.

3. What are you looking forward to reading the most? Why?

I’m looking forward to finishing The Dark Tower, because so far I’ve avoided all spoilers so I don’t actually know how it ends. I’ve been reading these books for the last few months, and so will be sad to reach their conclusion and move on to something new.

4. Have you participated in a Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon before?

No, this is my first time. I don’t know how I’ve. Ever heard about it before because I love reading so it’s a great thing to be part of.

5. What are your goals for the July Read-A-Thon?

I’d be really pleased to complete the books listed above and actually make regular blog updates, then keep my reading blog going after that.


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